Myriad Massage
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My name is Hayley Blogg and I am the owner of Myriad Massage.  

Based in Northumberland I provide On Site massage services to a wide variety of clients across Northumberland and the North East. 

 From On Site Massage at events and workplaces to tailored treatments for individuals in the comfort of their own home. 

I live and work in a rural area and I know how hard it is sometimes to access the services often taken for granted in urban areas.  It is my goal to bring the benefits of massage to rural businesses and communities.  So whether you are a small business owner with a small team or a self employed person working on your own I can bring massage to you and help you keep doing the job you love. 

In our busy lives it is often difficult to take time out to go and have a massage.  My job is to make it easy for you by bringing On Site massage to local markets and events.  I will also visit you at your home or place of work, be that in an office or out on the farm.

Contact me on:

07599 208 840


[email protected]