Myriad Massage
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Do you want a happy, healthy team who take less time off sick, have low stress levels and who feel supported and valued by you as their employer?

Then treat your team to a healthy break by introducing On Site Seated massage into your workplace.  Banish Monday morning blues and create a buzz of excitement and anticipation throughout your workplace.

Whether you and your team work on computers all day or have a more manual occupation the stress of mental and physical fatigue can create issues such as repetitive strain injuries, muscle tension and pain, headaches and increased stress levels. All these things can start to affect the productivity and creativity of your team.

We create a calm space in your workplace where your team can enjoy 20 - 30 minutes of relaxation during their working day.  We use a purpose built massage chair where members of your team will receive a seated, clothed massage tailored to their specific needs. 

What are you waiting for? Call Hayley on 07599 208840 and make your team happy.