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How does your body feel after your 'C' section?  Do you have hip pain, back pain, does your scar feel tight and restricted or do you feel that your body isn't working as well as it did?  Following surgery scar tissue is formed as part of the healing process, this can sometimes cause restrictions in the soft tissue and may result in pain and discomfort.  ScarWork can help release the tension and tightness on and around the scar reducing discomfort.

Appointments for ScarWork are available at Muckles Yard, Rothbury and home visits in the Hexham area, Northumberland.  

Scars form after keyhole surgery (laparoscopy), they are usually small, and you may not even notice them.  However, your body may continue to feel the effects of surgery and the scars that formed even after the healing process is complete.  This may be due to scar tissue forming and causing tightness or restriction in the tissues of the body resulting in discomfort, reduced range of movement or just a feeling that your body doesn't 'feel right'.

ScarWork is a gentle, non invasive therapy that works with your body to help release restriction in the scar tissue and surrounding areas.